Here is Toto

Hello world, welcome to my blog. Please note all pictures  that l shall post here are copyright and can’t be published without my consent or my agents. If you want to see my work go to     ( artists portfolio-Lynne Otter )

My name is Lynne and although l’m English l now live in Italy.

Toto the little scicilian.

Finally got a new mac last month so… l am..blogging for the v  first time. I lived in verona for several years but decided to move to the countryside where the air is cleaner and its a lot quieter….italian cities are notoriously noisy,having said that my first flat in the village of Negrar was a short spitting distance from the church and the bell tower! It rang on the hour, every half-hour and LOTS on a sunday. So………moved out of the village into a flat in an actual vineyard…my dream home…only  tractors and birds plus at this time of year the sound of gunshots from hunters……shooting anything that moves…l kid u not. Read the obituaries..local hunter shoots dead another local hunter…yes they even go shooting in the fog…so Toto and l stay out of the vineyards for several months a year. Last year l confronted two gun toting men who were within 50 metres of my home, read them the law act…which says  hunters have to be 100 metres away from a homestead. We’ve had pheasants flying in front of the balcony, landing in neighbours gardens and taking shelter wherever they could find it.

I don’t miss the UK only the occasional slice of stilton cheese, porridge, an indian curry,  (God, do l miss curries) and second-hand book shops…l now have a Kindle  e:book reader. Still miss curries.

Last year l decided to adopt an abandoned dog, l searched the internet here in Italy, there are thousands of dogs that need homes, the dog shelters move the dogs around italy to give them a better chance of adoption. After a month l saw a cute pic of this dog and immediately phoned to say we wanted to adopt. Off we drove to verona, met the representative of the dog charity then drove outside verona to a shelter beside a vineyard. We were taken to an outdoor pen and lots of little doggies popped up their heads to shout ME, ME…take me, one dog was quiet but pushed to the front…yep thats the one! We were told he was abandoned with his siblings in Scicily, he was about 6 months old half yorkshire half something else but v….cute.

We took him home Nico hanging onto him as l drove in my car, it was only when we arrived home that we remembered nico had left his car in verona!

Anyway the little nipper was home and for 2 weeks was a v.well behaved little dog, l called him toto after my favorite film, Nuovo Cinema,Paradiso. Well after two weeks of getting to know us the little chap decided to train us……more of that next time.

Off to search  for pics! Watch this space.

Ciao amici


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