Hello and welcome to my blog!

I intend to post my photographs past and present and upcoming ……here! So,  if you like photography, italy, travel then hopefully this ought to interest you.

I’m originally from England and moved to Italy 10 years ago, mainly for the sun, sun,and wine and sun and life style , and sun and food! Ok….you get the picture. In the UK  l was a freelance photographer mainly for designers, publishers, government bodies, art galleries  and l also did two years as a full time press photographer.

My passion is documentary, people and places. In my career l have used 35mm SLR’s Pentax, Nikon’s, Canon EOS 1N, medium format’s, several digital and finally a Canon EOS DSLR.

Since l now live in house in a vineyard,my pictures are mostly of vines, grapes, contradini (farm workers) and anything else that moves or catches my eye. I believe that if you can’t find anything to photograph, then you can’t call yourself a photographer. The job sometimes is to shoot the mundane and make it as interesting as possible to the viewer. Life is not about going and searching for the exotic . 


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